Laurel Pet Grooming Salon

Dog and Cat Grooming Available

Our Laurel location is a smaller salon where we have the opportunity to groom in a quieter and more relaxed environment. This salon started very small in 2017 and has continued growth with new staff and a wonderful clientele. We take pride in our skills to not only make your pups look and smell great, but also to make them comfortable. Our goal is to style your pet in a cut or brush out that makes their coat easier for you to maintain and more comfortable for them to live in. We love all haircuts from breed standard to basic shave downs. Our friendly staff is knowledgeable in grooming for dogs who are seniors, puppies, behaviorally challenging, sensitive or have skin issues, or have physical limitations. No matter the concern, we are always willing to try.

Pricing for grooming depends on breed, temperament, coat condition, and physical limitations. Special handling fees may apply.

Full Services offered:

Bath and Brush: Includes bath, brush, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, paw pad shave, feet trim, sanitary trim.

Tidy Up: Includes bath, brush, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, paw pad shave, feet trim, sanitary trim, and any extra trimming that doesn't entail an allover cut.

Full Service Groom: Includes bath, brush, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, paw pad shave, and an all over haircut.

Note: All full services are by appointment only

Walk In Services and Pricing:

Nail Grinding/Trim: $10

Anal Glands: $15

Ear Cleaning/Plucking: $10

Face Trim: $15

Face, Feet, and Sani: $20

Matted/Pre-Shave: $30 per hour

Nail Polish: $5

Special Handling (due to weight, coat condition, behavior, etc.): $20+

Pampered Pup (nails, ears, teeth, cologne, bandana): $25

Walk in services are available at any time groomers are in the salon and not overly busy. Your best bet is to call ahead to ensure your requested walk in service can be completed.

Cancelation and No-Shows
Here at The Pamper Cottage we do understand that "life happens" and sometimes a cancelation is unavoidable. We do send out reminders to help curb last minute cancelations and no-shows. We ask that you give as much notice as possible to your groomer to ensure they can try to fill the appointment slot asap. Our groomers work on commission based pay. Meaning no appointments=no money. We appreciate our clients and their understanding.

Note: repeat no-shows/last minute cancelations may be subject to pre-payment or loss of pre-booking discount. Please feel free to contact your groomer or a manager with any questions or concerns.